About International Development Studies:

The Graduate Programme in International Development Studies is the first of its kind at Chulalongkorn University, and quite unique in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. The programme was established in 2003 by the Centre for Social Development Studies, based in the university’s Faculty of Political Science.

The Faculty of Political Science began by offering a graduate programme in International Development Studies, leading to a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree.

Why International Development Studies at Chulalongkorn?

Poverty, inequality, social and economic dislocation of people, environmental degradation, political conflict and violence continue to challenge policy makers and intellectuals in governments, civil society and the private sector worldwide. Individuals and communities with the analytical skills needed to address these issues are and will remain in great demand.

Leading academic institutions in the West and in Japan have already responded, notably by establishing graduate programmes in International Development Studies. Institutions of higher learning in Southeast Asia have perhaps an even greater responsibility to establish such programmes, since the ill-effects of globalization and underdevelopment are felt more acutely and closer to home. The region must not depend on European or American institutions for the knowledge, skills and capacity to address the challenges of sustainable development faced at home.

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Objectives of the Faculty of Political Science regarding International Development Studies:

+ To coordinate International Development Studies as a multidisciplinary postgraduate programme;

+ To strengthen the regional capacity to respond to the complexity of globalization;

+ To foster a new forum for public intellectuals who will engage in development policy and practice in the region;

+ To improve linkages between universities, policy institutes and civil society organizations in the Asia Pacific region, on the issue of sustainable development;

+ To establish a network of development scholars and practitioners at the regional level, with the aim of supporting the postgraduate programme;

+ To improve the cooperation between the teaching staff and the international programmes of Chulalongkorn University and other academic institutions in Thailand and abroad;

+ To become a self-financed international programme, through students’ tuition fees and supporting grants;

+ To improve the access of students, scholars and development practitioners to knowledge and resources on sustainable development;

+ To allow exceptional and active citizens from low-income Asian countries to participate in the MAIDS programme, free of charge.

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